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Mydata Package Database hints?

John Patricelli


Mydata Package Database hints? | 1 October, 2003

We use Mydata PNP equipment, and are quite happy with it's speed and accuracy, especially with the latest version of the Mydata Tpsys software which includes a prototype version of their emergent auto-teach function for package sizes that can handle BGAs quite nicely in the real world.

Unfortunately, I have recently assumed complete programming responsibilities for our Mydatas, and have found that no previous backups of our Packages database exists except for the standard Mydata defaults, and the previous programmer did not follow a consistant naming or programming standard for making Packages. As a contract manufacturer we have many different customers, and each customers component packages have been programmed from scratch and given unique names to link them with the customer.

This works fine in production, except for the time wasted programming new packages when there is assuredly a similar or identical package already in the system somewhere, under a strange name.

I have cleaned out a lot of the redundant packages that were under different names using Mydata's web interface and database search functions, but there are several thousand defined Packages in our system. Verifying each package as to accuracy will be a time consuming process, to say the least.

If any kind soul out there has already built a proper Mydata database of defined Packages using proper industry naming conventions, and is willing to help share their wisdom, please please please contact me at

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Mydata Package Database hints? | 2 October, 2003

"Proper industry naming conventions" I believe does not exist. You must make your own comprehensive convention and force all those that create the new package types to first scour the database to see if the part already exists. Sometimes it will be faster to create a new (redundant) package type but this is probably a direct result of not having a convention and therefore not being able to quickly find the package type in the database. i.e. r12061k (resistor 1206 1kohm) Think of a convention that sorts well...

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Mydata Package Database hints? | 2 October, 2003

I think JEDEC has naming conventions for SMT packages.

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Mydata Package Database hints? | 3 October, 2003

JEDEC and IPC for instance do have conventions. But they are only typically for existing part types and do not coincide with one another. I think the bigger problem is the new components and the unusual components that don't seem to fall into any particular category (a thru hole DIP formed into a surface mount part for instance). Still, I agree that JEDEC or IPC is a good example.

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Mydata Package Database hints? | 9 October, 2003

Good Afternoon,

We have just comleted an in depth discussion about just this subject. We also have Mydata equipment and are facing the same problems. These are the conclusions that we came to:

1) Mydata has a formula for creating package names assuming that you know what the general pakage name.

2) If the general package name is not known, we use the Mydata manual first, if we can't find it there we use a Practical Components catalog. They make dummy components for just about every package known to man. The JDEC spec was written in 1995 and is not much help.

3) The other helpful tool that exsists is within the Mydata. If you have the machine on a network and have a terminal inserted into the network, you can use MS Internet Explorer to access a web page within the machine. This will allow you to utilize reports on the database and print reports on package usage, package assignments to part numbers and so on. These will help you to determine if a package is actually needed. We were able to delete hundreds of little or not used packages using this tool.

Hope this helps.



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Mydata Package Database hints? | 13 October, 2003

We have Mydata's and I know exactly what you mean. If you are starting from scratch I would suggest that you get yourself a photo album or something similar. When you get a new part, name the package and stick it in your album with the package name and overall length/width/seated height dimensions. You can segregate sections in the album SOT's, TSOP's,QFP's BGA's,Sockets etc. etc.

This will be a little time consuming at first, but in the long run you will save yourself a ton of redundant work and it makes a priceless reference tool.

Doing weekly back-ups is a must as well !

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Mydata Package Database hints? | 14 October, 2003

I have not seen anyone mention the Web inerface to a Mydata. In Tpsys 2.3 and higher there is a graphical version of the package list. This also lets you search the database by number of leads on a device.

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