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Odd Form Component Placement

Amol Kane


Odd Form Component Placement | 5 November, 2003

Hi, I am a Graduate student in SUNY Binghamton. I am currently working on an Odd Form Component Placement Machine Manufactured by Universal Instruments Name of the Machine is Vari-Cell II Flexible Assembly Workcell Model number 6515A

This Machine has a Universal Instruments Base with a Adept Robot arm mounted on it for Pick and Place operations. Is anyone Familiar with this machine and/or has worked on it??? I would really like to talk to ther person who has. Please contact me if you are familiar with this machine. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.My contact Info is as follows --

Amol Kane B.S(Mech Eng) Graduate Student and Research Assistant State University of New York at Binghamton, Binghamton,NY 13902 Phone: 607-624-8394 E-mail:

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Flexible pick & Place

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