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contact c5 | 3 January, 2004

I see on Contact Systems site there is a new machine. I have spoken to one of there c7 machine owners. I believe they are the only one. I have been told he cant get support. Has Contact decided to drop the c7? Contact only has two people in there support dept. I have been looking into a possible used 3z but I am concerned about the support. Does anyone have experience with support from Contact or are there others that service these machines. I have heard Contact will not be around much longer. Does any one have any recomendations as to where spare parts can be located when Contact packs it in? Thanks for any advise.

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contact c5 | 4 January, 2004


contact c5 | 5 January, 2004

This company provides third party service for Contact Systems machines:

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contact c5 | 5 January, 2004

Barney, Please tell me who it is that told you this customer cannot get support. Certainly it is not the customer himself. We have been at this customer with top level engineers at the drop of a hat from day one. As for the C7 it is part of the new generation of placement machines from Contact Systems along with the C5. As other manufactureres have done during the downturn, we also decided that a lower cost machine would appeal to the entry or mid level CM or OEM. As for "packing it in", common sense would tell you that the extremely high cost of developing a new machine and the hundreds of thousands of dollars required to promote it would be ludicrous for a company without its sights set on the future. Check out the C5 preview on our website ( or better yet come see us at Apex. We will have both the C5 and the C7 there.

Sincerely, Greg Pompea Vice President of Engineering Contact Systems

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Mike Zadrejko, Videotek, Inc.


contact c5 | 30 January, 2004


We currently have 3 Contact Systems machines, (1) C3AV and (2) C3AVXs and I can't say enough good things about the machines or the support. It has always, always been there since we started dealing with them in 1991. The Service Dept personnel has been excellent - well informed, well trained and willing to do anything to get your problem fixed. Top level software and hardware Engineers have been available to help us as was necessary. Also we have never had any probems getting parts - they almost always are in stock or they expedite acquisition to keep you running - even going so far as taking parts from machines being built at the factory. I am glad that Contact Systems is coming out with the C5 as we will definetely consider it for replacement of our existing machines in the near future. Again I repeat Contact Systems has always been there for us and I am confident that they will continue to be there in the future.

Michael J. Zadrejko Manufacturing Engineering Manager Videotek, Inc. Pottstown, PA 19460

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Robert L Tomaselli


contact c5 | 5 February, 2004


Should you have any questions at all with regards to used Contact machines, please feel free to give us a call. We currently provide support on all machines that are manufactured by Contact and will gladly answer any questions you might have.

Also, visit us at


Bob Tomaselli Magellan Service Corp 245 East Elm 3rd Fl Torrington, CT 06790 860 489 5119 Cell 203 232 4308

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contact c5 | 6 February, 2004

Yaaa...wn...hh...hmmm... Sorry SMTNetfellows I just woke up from my nap. Maybe it's just me but I'm getting a little tired of people badmouthing Contact Systems - so Barney, Bobby, Ron or whatever your name is... quit it... I'm bored with this topic and I dare say that GregP is too. I'm going to climb down from my high horse now and go back to my nap... don't bother me again.

I have no connection whatsoever with Contact Systems.

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contact c5 | 11 February, 2004

> This company provides third party service for > Contact Systems machines: > > _a class=roll > href="" > target="_blank"_ _/ > a_

------------------------------ Bob Tomecility at Magellan is a really good service provider for Contact Systems equipment. Any time we need a Contact machine serviced for a client of ours, that is who we talk to.

Very reasonably priced, as well.

If anyone is intersted, I do have a Contact CS 400E that I would like to sell. Let me know.



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