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Magnet Fields v.s. Electronics



Magnet Fields v.s. Electronics | 23 January, 2004

As we all know, we should keep magnets away from electronics, can this be backed up with studies? I am looking for any info about specifics on this subject. Exactly what is bad and what is ok? Can the field be measured with a Gauss Meter and if so what is bad and good? Is there a source to get this info from, has there been any studies on this? Any information that can advise or point me in the right direction will be greatly appreciated.

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Magnet Fields v.s. Electronics | 25 January, 2004

No one handling floppy disk should have a magnet on his or her wrist or in their work area. Furthermore, those with a magnetic paperclip holder on their desk should not allow floppy disks to come in close proximity to it. Since only technicians handle magnetic media on the production floor, we do not restrict magnets from operators.

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Magnet Fields v.s. Electronics | 26 January, 2004

If this is in regards to the manufacturing floor:

I can remember years ago I had an Fuji IP3 + MTU4. Used square magnets to hold tray stacks square to the machine. Manufacturing manager told me they should not be used. Apparantly the magnetic field would damge the IC's???

B.S. I told him if this was true we could not use semiconductors in power supplies. Holly jeeze look at the magnetics in high density on-line switchers!!!

The biggest concern is magnetizing the leads and having a magnetic tip on the nozzles (DUH)!

Probably doesn't help but I shared.

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Magnet Fields v.s. Electronics | 27 January, 2004

Don't forget the monitor's. There are only two ways to get out of this problem, if the monitor get's magnetizised: 1. Replace the monitor. 2. Turn in the monitor to a Tv-repairman that can do a de-magnetizing of the monitor.

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