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Aqueous Technologies SMT800-LD Software Question

Steve Gregory


Aqueous Technologies SMT800-LD Software Question | 4 February, 2004

We just got our new Aqueous Technologies SMT800-LD up and running over the last week, and things seem to be going fine.

However, there is one thing I've discovered that I'm not very happy with. The control software that runs the machine has two passwords for access to certain areas, but you can't change them, or so I was told by Aqueous Technologies when I called and asked the question.

The manual didn't explain how to change them, so that's why I called. But the manual does publish the passwords that are in the machine...they're "Super", and "Clean". So if anyone reads the manual (which is what you normally like your operators to do), they can go anywhere they want in the software.

I asked why have a password in the first place, if you can't change it? The lady on the phone said she didn't know, but she did know that you couldn't change it.

The program runs on a Windows 98 operating there some software guru out there that can tell me how to change passwords? There's gotta' be a's just software.


-Steve Gregory-

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Mike Konrad


Aqueous Technologies SMT800-LD Software Question | 7 February, 2004

Hi Steve,

The Windows 98 version of the SMT800-LD software provides for two levels of password protection. One for general use (creating, editing, deleting programs), and the other for maintenance functions (individual device control, machine configurations, etc).

Both passwords are factory set and can not be changed. But there is hope�

New machines shipped after March 1 will be equipped with our latest software (Version 5 Software). Version 5 supports multiple, user programmable passwords. Version 5 operates under Windows CE rather than Windows 98. A description of version 5 software can be viewed here:

Currently, Version 5 software is only available on machines shipped after March 1 but we are working on an upgrade option. The upgrade option should be available by the end of April.

Contact me offline if you have any specific questions.

Mike Konrad Aqueous Technologies (909) 944-7771 ext 29

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Aqueous Technologies SMT800-LD Software Question | 7 February, 2004

I have run into this before with a P&P machins. In one instance the 4 levels of passwords were published in the first revision manuals. OK, guess tech editors missed that???

FYI Anyways, I just wanted to mention that changing or altering software may violate your licensing agreement with the manufacturer. Software is generally considered the property of the OEM and even though you purchased it, you (as a user) can not change or alter the function of the software. Unless, you have a licensing agreement which epressly identifies you can alter the software, don't. In one case, one of our sister factories altered some software and the OEM decided to NOT honor the warranty, service or upgrades. I have found by working with the factory and presenting your ideas for "ideal operation", things like this are easily incorporated in the future software releases. If it's a problem for you...It's probably a problem for others.

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