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Contact System CS-400E question


Contact System CS-400E question | 5 February, 2004

I am in the process of programming my first PCB on the CS-400E machine and am having problems. I am too impatient to wait for the manuals on order so I thought I might see if someone out there might have some suggestions. I have done some research on the machine but cant seem to find out how the machine centers its offset and skew from the beam of light projected thru a hole in the PCB. I cant find any cameras or some sort of vision system. When I set the offset and run the machine in Auto Correct, or when programming the PCB using Auto Correction for centering the PTH with the cutter I keep getting "Offset Failure" or when programming I get "Optical Failure" jog closer to center of hole and retry. It seems like the Optical sensors are out of calibration or the camera if any is not recognizing the beam of light. I was not sure if anyone out there had calibrated these beams before or if it was an easy task.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

Thanks in advance.


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Contact System CS-400E question | 11 February, 2004

I don't personally know how to program that machine or diagnose any problems that it may have, but you may want to call Bob Tomelicity over at Magellan. He is a former tech of theirs and we refer all of our clients, that have a Contact Systems machine, over to him for support.

His web address is:

Please let me know what you find out for future reference. I'm, also, interested in purchasing any surplus equipment you may have, so if you're interested, please let me know that, too.

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Contact System CS-400E question | 17 February, 2004


I have worked with the CS400E's for 10+ years and normally when your having problems optically programming. The light bulbs are either getting dark or the filament is not positioned correctly. To set this, you will need a meter to check across the sensor inside the scope. 5v should be present and should go to zero after the light has been deflected. You will see a definite diffence in the voltage just by rotating the bulb base in the house which changes the filament in the bulb from horizontal to vertical. All of this has to setup correctly for the machine to digitize the coordinance.

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