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SMT problems

Roberto Rodriguez


SMT problems | 4 March, 2004

i have a Universal GSM2 machine down and we check all, but are exaust, the problem is the next, when we make Zero axis tha machine say "AXIS HEAD1 Z POSITION ERROR DURING MOVE RELATIVE COMMAND" AND "TIME UP SPINDLES UP". DO YOU HAVE EXPERIENCIES AT THIS PROBLEMS LET ME NOW THE SOLUTION. THANKS.

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SMT problems | 5 March, 2004

You can have many problems, but the most commons are that your Z belt is too Lose or is time to replace it, the second is that your Z motor went bad.

Hope these woks for you

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SMT problems | 9 March, 2004

Contact sensors out of adjustment. If you push up on spindle the led should change state. same if spindle is pulled down. I have also had problems with PTIF error during zeroing Soft stop. last messages recieved were reported as z axis time out during move absolute.

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SMT problems | 19 March, 2004

Isn't it funny, I just experienced that for the first time last night? We're always having tape clutch errors. Glad we're not alone on the Z-axis situation.

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SMT problems | 24 March, 2004

Hi, Why don't You contact Universal GSM tech specialists on this one? Just pick up the phone and explain Your problem and they will help you: Customer Support Center 1-800-842-9732 or 607-779-5000. There is also tech documents on their web site that you can read, either search by error messages, by system or by symptons. Knowledge Base Troubleshooting Guides:

I don't work for UIC but I have always found that it is better to talk to somebody who knows what they are talking about and get correct guiding into the solution directly.

Sincerly, Mika

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