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Solder Paste Thickness Measuring Device



Solder Paste Thickness Measuring Device | 12 March, 2004

Hi Guys,

I'm after a manual measuring device used to measure the thickness of the solder paste (mainly on fine pitch) after stencil printing. Can anyone provide me some suppliers for the said equipment?

regards, dreamsniper

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Solder Paste Thickness Measuring Device | 12 March, 2004

LSM which is now Cyberoptics used to have manual machines but I don't know if they still do. I would be wary of their service though. Once they discontinue a model they won't even try to help you with parts or anything.


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Solder Paste Thickness Measuring Device | 17 March, 2004

hello Dreamsniper I'm assuming that you want an inexpensive yet accurate instrument to periodically verify your process/machines. A focussing microscope with a small depth of field is quite useful. You simply focus on the board, then refocus on the top of the brick and read off the difference. You'll find several in the Edmunds catalog Go to the microscope applications page and look for "measuring accessories" John Thorup

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Solder Paste Thickness Measuring Device | 18 March, 2004

There are many low cost paste inspection systems on the market today. It really depends upon your overall needs for process improvement. The CyberOptics LSM series of inspection devices use a single laser stripe to calculate both Height, Area and Volume. The volume measurement is accomplished by drawing a template around the solder pad to estimate the area. This value is then multiplied by the cross sectional height data and.."Volume" is generated. It is a very basic way of providing a window of acceptable values. The LSM 300 (AutoLSM) does provide added benifit through its use of the "Auto Feature" finding software. This will help eliminate the errors found from operator to operator variations in measurments. The the entire line of LSM systems can be supported by LaserVison Technologies. We have over 10 years of experience selling and supporting the pre-owned equipment of CyberOptics.

For more information on the CyberOptics LSM 300, Please visit the link below:

The ASC International SP3D provides the same level of output as the LSM 300, but is typically priced much lower on a retail basis. From a price to performance standpoint, the SP3D simply provides more bang for the buck.

ASC International also supplies the VisionMaster line of products that provides a much higher level of inspection capability. Using structured white light as its technology, VisionMaster provides true 3D, true volumetric values. This technology is typically found only on machines in exceess of $100,000. The only drawback is pricing from which the VisionMaster starts out at $24,995. A much higher investment then the other devices on the market, but does provide the capabilities to take inspect micro sized deposits such as the 0201's. Demo or pre-owned VisionMaster systems can be found from time to time priced anywhere from $10,000-$20,000 depending upon the source and warranties offered.

Beyond these two companies, there are a few others dabbling in the market with variations more suitable for general metrology needs. The Focus-refocus methods rely soley on each individual operator to determine values. Accuracy on these machine can be suitable, but operator dependance is almost always the norm. A search of the internet will yeild many options to consider. It is best to determine your overall goal both current and future and make your decision from there.

The information I am providing is very much related to my experience from a sales side. LaserVision Technologies provide sales, service and support of all makes and models of pre-owned solder paste inspection systems. It is not our goal to force one specific product towards a customer, but to allow the customer to choose which machine is the "best fit" for their process control strategy.

If you have any questions, you can also contact me by visiting

Good luck in your search.

Thank you.


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Solder Paste Thickness Measuring Device | 18 March, 2004


Solder Paste Thickness Measuring Device | 19 March, 2004

Steve is right, Cyberoptics and ASC are the 2 main players in this market. I've used machines produced by both manufacturers and they both do a pretty good jod provided the operators know what they're doing.

The LSM and LSM2 are solid but aging machines (replaced by Cyberoptics overpriced LSM 300).

The ASC SP3D (which we bought from Steve) is as he stated, a good value and does a good job especially when combined with the available SPC software. I only wish the images were displayed in color on our model.

Good Luck.

Dave - Boston

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