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GSM1 machine serial number


GSM1 machine serial number | 2 April, 2004

How does one figure out the year of manufacture from GSM1 serial number?

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GSM1 machine serial number | 5 April, 2004

Hi Quanta, Universal serial numbers can be explained by our Technical Support staff. Briefly, serial numbers identify the documentation that the machine was built against, the chronological position within a lot of machines, an Equipment Number describes the original customer order tracking number, to whom it was shipped and when and a Product Code number. The Product Code represents the machine category/family. There are also details about machine voltage and air requirements, CE Mark etc. At our website ( UIC.COM ) you will find a path to our Technical Support team and ways to access Knowledge Bases, Product Documentation, Product Support Status, Second User Equipment Registration, Archived Documentation, Support Continuance and more. The following link will take you to our contacts page. To contact our Technical Support call 1-800-842-9732 or Email

Mike Cyr Global Services Product Manager

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