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MY15 and MY19

D. Sanders


MY15 and MY19 | 17 April, 2004

What are the lengths/depth/height of these two machines? They will be used in-line with conveyors.



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MY15 and MY19 | 19 April, 2004

MY15: 4080mm (160") L x 2000mm (78") D x 1450mm (57") H, 2500Kg (5500lbs) Wght.

MY19: 4800 (188") L D & H dims same, 2800kg (6160lbs) Wght

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Grant Petty


MY15 and MY19 | 28 April, 2004


Ours are inline, and depending on how you have the conveyers, you might need to use the data sheets to work out placement. If your running the conveyers behind the machine, then most of the machine is in front of the conveyer, so they use more space in front than the rest of the line.

So it pays to check the data in this case.


Grant Blackmagic Design

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