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Quad ZCR Reflow Oven


Quad ZCR Reflow Oven | 19 April, 2004

Does anyone know where to buy or who to contact for ZCR spare parts. I am looking for a new conveyor drive motor and gearbox for a ZCR 4 zone reflow oven.

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Ian White


Quad ZCR Reflow Oven | 20 April, 2004


Tyco Electronics can supply these parts. In the USA contact Tyco Electronics in Willow Grove PA. (215) 657 6202 and ask for Service and Support. In UK please contact Tyco Electronics EMEA in High Wycombe ; 01494 464088 And ask for Operations Department. From within Europe please contact your local agent or alternativly you can contact UK Directly (44) 1494464088

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