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BGA rework machine operator pay


BGA rework machine operator pay | 4 May, 2004

I'm looking for some input on a pay scale for experienced SRT/DRS operators. They do not do any profiling or process work - only remove/site prep/replace type work, along with any 'special' jobs like trace repair, masking repair, etc. They're currently lumped in with regular SMT 'soldering iron' reworkers in the pay scale, and I'm not sure that's fair.

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BGA rework machine operator pay | 4 May, 2004

So the only difference between the "regular solderers" and the BGA people is trace repair? If that is it than you should put the pay in range with your PCB repair people. We do not pay any extra for BGA rework since all they do is wick pads (common normal operation) and apply paste flux with a brush. We feel that none of these operations requires any greater skill than an assembler 2. (out of a 3 position scale) 1= no soldering 2= soldering and rework 3= 1,2 and PCB repair. I think it is even more justified that you use high end equipment that makes the job even less skillful. If they were using low end equipment that required them to monitor each part and watch them closely and do on the fly adjustments as required then, they would definitely be worth more than the average.

But hey any time you can give an employee more money DO IT!

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