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PCB Supplier | 13 May, 2004

We are looking for PCB suppliers capable of building .5mm through hole boards. Internally, we require 5 mil traces, sometimes 4 mil. Our preferred material is Polyimide or BT Resin, and perhaps FR408.

All help and/or recommendations is greatly appreciated!!!

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PCB Supplier | 15 May, 2004


We have no relationship, nor receive benefit from the company referenced above.

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PCB Supplier | 23 May, 2004

try WUS China.

If you need more info. please let me know on :

Regards, Amit

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PCB Supplier | 1 June, 2004

Crown Circuits in Carlsbad, CA (760) 431-1124

These people can do almost anything.

(ask for Randy)

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