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Mirae-broken spindles


Mirae-broken spindles | 9 June, 2004

Does anyone know of a 3rd party that manufactures the Mirae spindle? We have 5 broken nozzle spindles that need replacing. Also in need of renting or borrowing the Head Offset Jig so as when replacing said spindles we can measure the camera to nozzle offset. Thanks for any info. Late.

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Mirae-broken spindles | 10 June, 2004

Hello Steve, Tyco Electronics Automation Group is the exclusive 'stocking' distributor of Mirae SMT assemblers in the Americas and Europe. We also effectively support all customers who own Meridian assemblers (also Mirae) in both regions of the world.

I'm interested in isolating why you're breaking nozzle spindles. This is very uncommon.

We have replacement spindles in stock; we can provide phone support and/or dispatch a field engineer if you need technical assistance on-site; and, we can fix the root cause to your machine problem, then recalibrate your machine for you. If you want to re-calibrate yourself, I'll lend you the jig to help you get back into production ASAP.

Please e-mail me with your contact information or, call me at (215) 784-4518.

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