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Circuit Cam inputs


Circuit Cam inputs | 14 June, 2004

We are in the process of evaluating the Circuit Cam software for the creation of pick and place programs and Visual aids for QC. So I would like to hear from actual users that can give me some feedback on the pros and cons of this product.

Thanks in advance for your posts.

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Circuit Cam inputs | 14 June, 2004

Well I have been using this program for about 3 months now and I like it very much. The biggest Pro I like is the tech support. You have any problem they are there waiting and will help with that problem. The installation is a self install so no person is required to come out for install unlike other programs. Training on using the software is easy pickup knowledge in 2 days and the Documentation side is little more if you want to do the training but I just trained myself with just getting in there. I use this for Fuji Flexa (pick and place) and also Documentation as well. Some of the cons I have come across is some of the Cad versions im used to aren't supported ( but ways around most of these issues). Talk to customer for a different version of software. The Aegis website once you get the software has input from us on what we would like to see and the flaws of the program. If you got any certain questions feel free to contact me via email . Hopefully this answered a few questions.

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Circuit Cam inputs | 15 June, 2004

Thanks for your input Mark. I have looked at the features of this software and it would help us achieve our goal in the efficiency field by creating programs and getting them ready to the floor faster than the way we are currently doing it. The visual aid for QC is a plus with this SW. And just like every other operation in manufacturing, we are looking into reducing the time in programing without spending any money ( Does it sound familiar?) Typing part numbers on a spread sheet can be very time consuming.

Thanks again for your reply, it is a valuable addition to our evaluation.

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