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Immersion Gold



Immersion Gold | 26 June, 2004

Does any one have the best recommendation for a water soluble solder paste for use with fine pitch parts and micro BGA's and immersion gold pads.

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Immersion Gold | 26 June, 2004

I am very happy with Alpha Metals WS709 or even WS609. Almost all of our product is Immersion gold and we place down to 16mil pitch every day along with 0201 and uBGA. Immersion gold from my experience, solders extremely well with every paste I have used by the way. Unless of course you see... dare I say it, "black pad", if that occurs then it really doesn't matter what paste you use.


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Immersion Gold | 27 June, 2004

Russ, What aperature reduction and stencil thickness are you running on 16 mil?

Best Regards, Paul

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