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Nitrogen for Wave soldering



Nitrogen for Wave soldering | 6 July, 2004

I would like to know what purity is required for wave soldering process, I am doing an evaluation of buying/refilling tanks or installing a Membrane Nitrogen Generator. the generatos exist from 95% to 99.7% purity, does any one has done any analysis on this matter???

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Nitrogen for Wave soldering | 7 July, 2004

Not sure if this helps but found this site that outlines % of N2 against O2 ppm levels. You need 99.99% N2 purity for < 50 ppm of O2

Most customers we have worked with in the past run anywhere from 50 ppm O2 level upto 500 ppm. It varies on the product trying to solder.

The wave system will only get as low as the source N2. We always try to get < 5 ppm gas.

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