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MPM AP25 Calibration


MPM AP25 Calibration | 21 July, 2004

Hi, I need help in aligning the stencil and the board on an MPM AP25. I have no calib jig and stencil what I did was edit w/dos editor the file It seems to be working OK now just a little bit of offset but what I'm concerned is the software that I got provided by the vendor. They gave me MPM AP 20/24 series software version 4.1Y, the COGNEX version of the machine is version 5.0 are these compatible with each other? Could this be the reason I'm having so much trouble in aligning it? The original software on the machine crashed long before I joined the company so I have no idea what the version of the original software is. We bought a software from the vendor and this is what they provided us, I'm just not confident as they never asked us about the COGNEX and any other information regarding the machine, they only asked us about the model which is an AP-25. Any input is highly appreciated, thanks.

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MPM AP25 Calibration | 23 July, 2004

Why don't you contact MPM tech support at 800-737-8110 ?

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MPM AP25 Calibration | 26 July, 2004

Cognex version drives the vidio. If you are getting an image then cognex is not an issue. Thru bore calibration of the camera is the alignment of the upward looking with respect to the downward looking. One camera dose it all getting the image thru optical prizms. To test the aproxmate alignment of the prizm you can load a any board vision hight and note the Z figure for later referance. Then by useing jog and align bring the board up to the stencle and align the board to the stencle. Then lower the board to vision height as noted earlier. Now useing jog vision and the manual lamp switches toggle between upward and downard views with camera under an appature or over land. The images should be directly on top of one another Provided the board hasen't moved. If they arn't the camera needs thru bore calibration.

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MPM AP25 Calibration | 26 July, 2004

Thanks Paul, yes the camera seems like it needs thru bore calibration. Any instruction on how to conduct thru bore calibration? Thanks.

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MPM AP25 Calibration | 27 July, 2004

Not an easy task and requires calibration jig. MPM support field service is your best bet. The adjustment screws for the prizm located on left side of camera will adjust the x direction. There is a set screw on the front that must be loosened first. The prizm is in like a little cradle The adjust sets on the left push on each side of the cradle so if you loosen one say the top one and tighten the bottom one it will pitch the prizm counter clockwise looking from the front. This adjusts the x offset. For Y there is another set that holds the whole cradle in place. Loosen this set and a sloted screwdriver can rotate the cradle assembly in the Y direction. Theta in the view not stencle alignment is acomplished by rotating the CDC camera on the other end. Warning This procedure should be completed by a field tec with proper tools. The file can compensate for most misalignments. This is how I would approach the problem unless misalignment is great. Note on file Be carefull when editing useing DOS. All spaces are relavent and too many or not enough characters can cause the system to crash. It's better to use configuration utilities disk provided with machine.

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MPM AP25 Calibration | 27 July, 2004

Thank you Paul, this is the actual information I need to adjust the camera! At the moment I have actually reduced the offset values down to 0.7 from a previous 4.0. I have done this by editing the AP.CAL, took a while to get the proper values as I have to constantly reset the machine for every change I have to make. For now we can survive with that kind of an offset, when I have the opportunity I wil try that camera adjustment. Thanks a lot for the info! Regards.

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MPM AP25 Calibration | 4 August, 2004

Hello Paul,

Your Thru Bore calibration worked! Thanks a lot.

Cheers, Fyodor

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MPM AP25 Calibration | 5 August, 2004

So much for needing field service or calibration jigs huh? Congrats on fixing your problem.

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MPM AP25 Calibration | 6 August, 2004

There is no substitution for proper calibration especally with ever decreasing size of parts. ISO certified companies and coustomer base often require calibration by qualified personel useing approved tools. Verification also in many cases be required by coustomers. For small contract manfacturers this can mean the deferance of aquireing new accounts and holding old ones. The method I perposed is intended to allow running with accaptable results until proper calibrations can be performed.

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