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RFID PCB | 30 July, 2004

I was just told by a visitor (PCB Experts) at our company that RFID PCBs should not be built using a no clean solder flux process due to possible reliability issues. This really got my boss going and asked me to look into this. This is the first time I heard of this and I found nothing on the internet indicating that this could be a problem. Could this statement be true, is it a myth, or a fact? Please help. Thank you.

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RFID PCB | 3 August, 2004

We don't know.

Consider checking with the applications group at your supplier. For instance, Motorola BiStatix is a popular radio frequency identification component.

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RFID PCB | 3 August, 2004

I have been involved with RFID assembly and materials since 1993 and have never heard of this


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RFID PCB | 8 August, 2004

I really appreciate your response. I was asked to research this issue and came up empty. Since this is also coming from you guys, I feel more at ease and will consider this a non issue. Thank you.

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