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Ionograph testing


Ionograph testing | 2 August, 2004

I am running no clean boards for automotive applications. We have continued to use a cleanliness test as part of our control plan.I am wondering if anyone has been able to eliminate the cleanliness test due to the use of no clean materials?

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Ionograph testing | 2 August, 2004

If you eliminate this test, how would you monitor the cleanliness of your: * Bare boards * Components * Processes

You probably could get a c of c from your board fab, but a c of c from the component suppliers would be burdonsome [and agruably useless] and that still does nothing tocheck your processes.

Some customer application can accept elimination of such testing. Maybe you could show a flat process control chart to gain acceptance of you idea.

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Ionograph testing | 3 August, 2004

thanks for your response. I have a couple of reasons for evaluating this. 1) We recently purchased an ionograph to replace an outdate Omega meter. Correlation is required and in discussing this with several people, most wondered why we checked if we were using no clean. 2)We rarely see failures. I plan to continue auditing the incoming PCB's and then do a periodic process validation

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