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Air-Vac DRS24


Air-Vac DRS24 | 6 August, 2004

I am looking to buy an used Air-Vac DRS 24. Does anyone has experience with it? What do I need to look for and what different between the 24 and 24C? Thanks for your help. -Michael

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C Lampron


Air-Vac DRS24 | 9 August, 2004


We have a DRS-24 and are very happy with it. Look at the wobble in the nose cone that holds the nozzles and make sure it does not move. This will degrade your placement acuracy. The machine is very process oriented meaning that you can not set up a program where you can hit the footswitch to end a thermal cycle. This needs to be set up in the program. Other than that, the machine has met our needs well. I'm not familiar with the DRS-24C so I'm not sure what the diffences are.


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Ramon Urrutia


Air-Vac DRS24 | 15 July, 2005

We are Global Sourcing Specialists Ltd, buyers and exporters of redundant stock. We have a Zevac DRS 24 and 22 for sale if you are interested. Please contact or ring/fax:4401291423861 Both machines are in good working order and are all clean and spotless. Thank You

Ramon Urrutia

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Air-Vac DRS24 | 15 July, 2005

It seams differences should be: - C has embedded Control and SW,more compact. - the 24 has the external PC with all the profile date and control. I heard that 24C his less flxible and friendly to use then 24.(Not sure) Mechanically they should be similar.

Regards GS

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