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Philips CSM84VZ


Philips CSM84VZ | 10 August, 2004

We just buy a used Smt placement machine a Philips CSM84VZ We need some advise on how to make a statup on the machine If somebody know this machine just tell me!!!


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Philips CSM84VZ | 11 August, 2004


I may be able to help you on CSM84 series. Please write in details the problem that you are facing. Are you able to start the machine? If not, what is the serial no. and year of manufacturing of the machine? What is the message that you get when you start the machine? I hope you have the system data disk inserted in the machine when starting it! Please write in details to

We are the exclusive reps. of Assembleon (formerly PHILIPS EMT) in India.

Regards Vinit

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Philips CSM84VZ | 23 August, 2004

Sorry, but I had the pleasure or pain of working with a number of CSM84VZ machines. They use very old technology and are not worth the pain of trying to get them to work even if the price is right. By the way we got rid of a number of these boat anchors about seven years ago.

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