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Efficiency Rate...



Efficiency Rate... | 12 August, 2004

There is a lot of debate over efficiency rates in our group, what percent would indicate that we have a good efficiency rate in our SMT production lines? Ours vary from 40- 60% We are constantly trying to improve this numbers, but I am curious as were other companies are at.

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Efficiency Rate... | 13 August, 2004

What are you measuring? Actual placement speed vs. rated speed? Machine down time? A lot of this depends on your type of enviroment. If you build high mix/low quantity/prototype your numbers will be very low and will vary depending on the complexity and part count etc..., if you are running high volume with little to no changeover you should be at about 80% plus. Efficiencies are usually dictated by changeover time and component replenishment on the machine. Always have backup feeders ready to go for quick refill on the machine, have next job setup and ready to run these are probably the two most important factors in improving efficiency. We do not count initial programm de-bug and things of that nature when we look at efficiency although it is important to minimize.


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Efficiency Rate... | 13 August, 2004

Russ is correct,

The efficiency number, or machine operating ratio, is more relevant in a HVLM environment than a HMLV senario.

I have found that in HVLM, a desirable number would be cetianly 80% plus. Low 90 is not unrealistic. One must consider operator breaks, post and pre placement issues, etc...

Of course in the HMLV arena, one must consider changeover achieved in a period. How many product types went out the door, not the operating ratio.

Due to the many factors on how machines calculate operating ratios, mant users will look at number of placements per hour, day or week to judge increase in utilization of machines.


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