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Calibration of feeders


Calibration of feeders | 13 August, 2004

Hi All:

I posted this thread a while back and got no response. So, I'm trying it again.

We have found a machine called the GAM-20F to calibrate our Fuji CP6 feeders. Has anyone ever used one of these? The price is in the 5-6K range and is from SMT Source.

Any feedback is welcome.

Thanks Carl B.

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Calibration of feeders | 16 August, 2004

I have a CP6 and two CP643's, and was wondering why you need to "calibrate" your CP6 feeders? We have had no problems with ours. John

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Calibration of feeders | 17 August, 2004

CP6/7 feeders are mechanical indexing machines, and the springs, cams etc wear over time leading to misfeeds & increased attrition. You can just strip & repair but especially on the 8x2 feeders the pick up position is critical.

John, I'd check with you SMT engineers that they've never done a feeder swap in the middle of a run, and if so what did they do with the old one?

We recently trialed a feeder test rig from alternative SMT that seemed to do the job, but was a touch on the expensive side. I've also heard of the GAM20, but have not had a chance to evaluate it yet, so any feedback would be much appreciated.

A couple of things to look out for would be indexing speed & pull tester for the cover tape.

Good luck,


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Calibration of feeders | 17 August, 2004


That machine looks way expensive. We found a used Fuji microscopic jig for 3500.00 It came with the master jigs and master tapes. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles, but it does exactly what it is supposed to.

John, I am curious as to whether or not you run Fuji line monitor on your CP6 machines. If not, you may have more feeder problems than you know. You should really consider a calibration jig. Perfectly maintained and calibrated feeders make a huge impact on throughput and part scrap rates.

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Calibration of feeders | 24 August, 2004


Fuji has a unit that is approx. 12k. But it does alot for the CP6/7/8 and XP1 series feeders. All-In-One feeder jig.

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Calibration of feeders | 25 August, 2004

We do run line monitor and send feeders to repair, but as far as testing them?

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