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Machine Optimization Software


Machine Optimization Software | 17 August, 2004


Our company is looking into purchasing some optimization software that will be used for equipment changeover applications....specifically to reduce changeover times. Can anyone share some good and bad experiences out there and/or suggest some vendors to look at? Thanks...

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Machine Optimization Software | 19 August, 2004

The best way to reduce change-over time is to: * Buy lots of feeders * Limit the number of part numbers available to design engineers * Bar code feeders to help verify proper machine setup

We know of no such software. There IS software that recommends feeder location [eg CircuitCAM, UniCAM, UniCAM varients, etc] , but generally, it is aimed at reducing run time, not setup time.

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Stefan Witte


Machine Optimization Software | 20 August, 2004

Check with if this meets your requirement.

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Machine Optimization Software | 1 October, 2004

The only software designed to minimize number of setups and setup changeover time:

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Machine Optimization Software | 8 January, 2005

You can try our software, we are currently testing it and we open for public to test, we plan to release some time around march, perfect time for you to try it and don't invest a lot.

we do

Feeder Arrangement Feeder arrangement problem concerns assigning components to the feeder slots

Placement Sequence Placement sequencing (or insertion order) problem concerns determining the sequence in which the components are printed on the board

Nozzle assignment Nozzle assignment problem concerns the tool changes for the placement head

Component retrieval Component retrieval problem concerns determining from which feeder slop the component is retrieved if it has been assigned to more than one slop.

if you are interested you can contact me directly I take care of all public relations and I manage testing and release process.

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