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MSD Control

Bryan Kerr


MSD Control | 2 September, 2004

One for discussion I think. There appears to be limited options when it comes to the control of moisture sensitive devices through the assembly process, the options being a paperwork based system or the use of RF tracking software. We have some ideas here based on the use of indicator strips which change colour when exposed to moisture. If these were developed to be time sensitive with the use of an absorbent film of some kind then they could be used to monitor floor life on batches of components - trays or reels. For instance, a level 3 strip would change colour (from green to red would be nice !) after 7 days at a certain humidity. This would have to be based on J-STD-033. Sounds feasible but I can not seem to trace anyone who is selling such an item. Does anyone have any experience of this technique being used ? If not, any comments would be appreciated. Perhaps a good buisness idea for someone considering the potential market !


Bryan Kerr Principal Quality Engineer Process and Materials Laboratory AMS Hillend Scotland

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MSD Control | 2 September, 2004

Hi Bryan, I hope you dont mind a quick sales pitch here. We have developed a system called HumiTel which is used to manage MSDs. Its not the paper tracking system you mentioned; it comes in two flavours, a hardware tracking device and a software which tracks by barcode. Both flavours comply with 033. For more info drop me a note. Regards Doug Derry

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