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universal genesis hsc



universal genesis hsc | 18 September, 2004

I am in the process of evaluating some pick and place machines. Looking for feedback on Universal's new genesis HSC VS.HSP4797

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universal genesis hsc | 12 October, 2004

We have an HSP4797 and can provide a favorable opinion on that machine.

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universal genesis hsc | 20 October, 2004

The HSC, "Lightning Head", is offered on two platforms, Genesis and Advantis. The decision will depend on your throughput needs and price requirements. In comparison to the HSP, I would recomend the HSC. With the ability to use docking feeder carts, common feeders with Flexible and Fine Pitch Platforms, and the up and coming EPV , to be released early 2005, the HSC technology will provide turret speeds in a high mix friendly environment.

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universal genesis hsc | 20 October, 2004

to oversimplify....

Higher mix, Extra Large Board Size requirements(>18"x24"), Low to high placement count, and need for Modularity tends to lead toward HSC

Higher volume, High placement count, Lots of feeder capacity, established horizontal turret solution are all strengths for the 4797 HSP

Of course there is overlap depending on application, and manufacturing environment.

Either choice gives you best in class performance

For more help, please contact your local UIC office for application specific guideance.

regards, vickt

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