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PM 460 problems and solutions


PM 460 problems and solutions | 24 October, 2004

Hello everyone.

The company i work for owns a PM570L and a PM460. The PM460 recently came from service repairs and it has a problem that me and the technicians at Zevatech AG are trying to solve but i would like to hear from anyone with experience on this machine. I am unable to access the production software; once i start the machine, i have to run the program on the dos root and when i type the .exe file and press enter i get this error message "ERROR! CHECK PWB OR CONNECTORS". Now, i already checked the I/O board for faulty connections and everything looks in place; so do the expansion boards inside the PC. Did this happen to anyone who ever used this machine?

Thank you!!

Bruno Santos Global Fire Equipment

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PM 460 problems and solutions | 26 October, 2004

That PM460 is quite old. It would be not be the least bit surprising if either of those controller boards in the PC were not functioning. They are what 15+ years old?

I would contact the US service dept. 919-460-0111, and ask to speak with Rick. He has been around since those machines were new.

Don't be surprised if those boards were obsolete, but it wouldn't hurt asking them.

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PM 460 problems and solutions | 27 October, 2004

Thanks for the tip, Frank. I'll try that!

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