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Solder joint criteria



Solder joint criteria | 27 May, 2000

Hi, I'm new in SMT & confusing to define the soldering defect criteria of cold solder, dry joint & dewetting. & what's the root cause for them ? FYI, I had read the IPC-A-610 rev. B , but doesn't help much. Any advise is very much appreciate. Thanks in advance.


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Re: Solder joint criteria | 30 May, 2000

Thames: Welcome. Consider Rev C. It's current and has "better" descriptions. Consider a course. I believe IPC is doing a tourof A-610 and J-001 classes.

Different problems have different root causes. For instance: * Cold solder: Moving the connection before it is set. * Dry joint: Uncommon term for non-wetting or poor wetting? If so, evreything can cause this ... * Dewtting: Poor solderability, solder contamination, solder temperature, dwell time ...

Good luck ... we'll help you Dave F

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