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SMT Cell Layout



SMT Cell Layout | 18 November, 2004

We currently redoing our floor layout and need to squash our SMT line into a smaller, rectangular cell. We currently use a manual printer/stenciler, pick and place, reflow oven, and aoi inspection machine. Can anyone give me any links to any different layout examples? How about any successes on where you've stationed your operator or inspector so that they've been able to monitor as many machines as possible?

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SMT Cell Layout | 19 November, 2004

I don'treally think anyone can give on answer on this one because we don't know what size the any thing is, or how many operators will be running, or where your parts are and the how you set up, if you need a staging area. There are just to maney what if's to even begin to give advice on this. Megan

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SMT Cell Layout | 20 November, 2004

You are not giving the dimensions of the space to be used by your machines. So it's impossible to know what we are working with.

But here is scenario for a very small floor space assuming that you can't have the equipment in a single line:

I am assuming since you have a manual printer, that you don't have conveyors between printer, pick and place, oven and AOI right? So the PCB is carried manually to each station. And you have one operator and one QC.

How about your printer at 9 o'clock, your pick and place at 6 o'clock, your oven at 12 and your AOI at 3. Your operator will be in the middle monitoring each station, printing from 9 caring PCB�s to 6 taking populated products from 6 to 12. Then the PCB exits from 12 right into 3 for your AOI.

Another scenario would be your printer followed by your Pick and place at 6 o'clock. Then your Oven followed by the aoi right across from your printer/pick and place at 12 o'clock. Your operator in the center monitoring the lines and your QC at the AOI.

Good luck.

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SMT Cell Layout | 20 November, 2004

wow....i am dizzy just thinking about that

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