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MyData file format



MyData file format | 24 November, 2004

I am a contractor for a company that owns a My12. They want me to write a program that converts the CAD data to MyData file format. Can somebody please help me with the MyData file format(s)?

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MyData file format | 29 November, 2004

Call MYDATA at 978-948-6919

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MyData file format | 1 December, 2004

Good job to do. The MyData format in pratics is a combined data from 3 different file's, the ".PCB" the ".PNL" and the ".CMP". All this file are linked with data, and all the programs are include, as a big back up.

The only way to convert data is to use the MyData tool, supplyed with the machine.



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MyData file format | 14 December, 2004

Mr SMT is wrong. Mydata has an open ASCII format. They include the documets with all machines. You can use any text editor to create the file. All you need is the ASCII centroid data. There are tools already written to do this but if you have some skills with a text editor you can make something simple. If you do not have the paper copy look on the machines web page. They are there.

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MyData file format | 17 December, 2004

please go to

they have software from any CAD and BOM to Mydata mount file.

you can call me.

rich larue - 203-913-0782

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MyData file format | 23 December, 2004

Call Eli and ask for Cad5 macro for excel

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