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Laser PCB cutting


Laser PCB cutting | 1 December, 2004

We looking for a new technology Laser PCB cutting. We have tried some laser equipment and the result was burn PCB. Can anyone suggest the best laser manufacturer for this application and if you have tried this process?

Your help is highly appreciated.


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Laser PCB cutting | 7 December, 2004

Hi, there are many type of lasers and each have its own applications. Have you tried the short pulse laser? I was told that it will have very minimal heat dissipated on the surface. On the other hand, there is also a water assisted laser where the water could also act as a coolant.

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Laser PCB cutting | 7 December, 2004


Thank you for the info. Can you give me the website of these laser manufacturer.

Thank you, Arman

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Laser PCB cutting | 8 December, 2004

I am very familliar with various lasers and cutting technologies. This is probably the only laser technology that has a chance to do what you are after on FR-4 G10, G11 etc and not burn. It's new ground for them and I'll bet the system is not tooled for PCB's as it was developed for wafer processing.

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