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Pre- and post-reflow rework



Pre- and post-reflow rework | 24 January, 2005

Hi everyone!

Is here anyone, who has experience about closed-loop feedback (AOI) with Pre- and post-reflow rework.

I need too some internet links, whic handle by this subject.


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Pre- and post-reflow rework | 27 January, 2005

What exactly do you need to know?

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Pre- and post-reflow rework | 28 January, 2005

Our company are going evaluate closed-loop feedback system with AOI as soon as possible. I would like to know what is your opinion that what are the main benefits in this application?? And we would like to get as less as possible scrap products.. How we can get this way?????

What is a main target that we have to look / watch?


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Pre- and post-reflow rework | 5 February, 2005

One important thing to look at, when buying an AOI is the False Calls Rate, along with tact time of machine to inspect the PCB. Obviously, many machines can do the the work....but it's also true that each machine differ from the way it do the work. Some are just comparators while others have their own Process Library. So one thing to keep in mind is how much time do you want to spend (I am talking about time because money is another story) to get your board 100% good in terms of what you want the machine to check for.

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Pre- and post-reflow rework | 11 February, 2005

We are also looking for AOI machines, pre- and post-reflow. We already tried one machine from the UK (I don't remember the name, I perfer to forget we ever had it) and they told is it would do everything we wanted. Maybe so, but not well enough. It stopped for EVERTHING. No matter how many times we'd retrain the machine, it would stop for the same good parts. That's the false call you're talking about? Well, this thing was ALL FALSE. Another thing that killed us on this machine was that it was really nothing more than a flatbed scanner with a conveyer system and a PC attached to it. Since our panels contain many tall parts, like electrolytics and relays, the scanner was unable to get an accurate image around these parts. Needless to say, we sent it back and as far as I know, only one or two other companies use this brand of AOI machines. Perhaps they were hoping it would work miracles for us... THAT would a be a good testament for a great machine!

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Pre- and post-reflow rework | 12 February, 2005

As I was explaining in my thread, the things that you have to look for when buying an AOI is the false calls rate (which you described perfectly) vis a vis the money and time you want to spend. We bought our machine after that we evaluated some. As you said, we saw also the scanner type (which I call a comparator). For same reasons that you pointed out, we did not short list such machines. I suggest you that you call Sony and they got the CPC1500-MKII. It is a very good machine, but you have to get a person trained on the machine to properly programme your products, and also you have to teach your product on the machine itself (Library Process). Said that, the machine is very good and I can tell that Quality will drastically improve. Obviously, I cannot blame the time programming the machine, because it is like a learning curve. The more time you spend programming the machine, the better the quality you will get out of it.

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Pre- and post-reflow rework | 11 September, 2005

Have you ever had SERVER ERROR ? Do you know what it is ? Thank you

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Pre- and post-reflow rework | 14 October, 2005

Vb software , try another one !

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