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PCB thickness



PCB thickness | 17 May, 2000

Has somebody yet process pcb (FR4) with a thickness of 0.8 mm ?

Thank you for all kind of responses.

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Re: PCB thickness | 17 May, 2000

We have one panel of 50 small boards that is 0.035" (0.89mm). Other than a dedicated fixture to support it during printing and placement we don't do anything differently. John Thorup

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Re: PCB thickness | 17 May, 2000

emmanuel, John's right, as long as there is support, nothing changes. Depending on the size of the board fixtures might be a better option over support pins. Unless the pins jump out of the machine and follow it into the reflow oven, You never know!!!

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Re: PCB thickness | 17 May, 2000

At our facility, we process FR-4 boards for PCMCIA cards (0.020"). The key for us is dedicated fixturing for stencil printing and fixturing for reflow soldering. We are working closely with our customer to better improve panel design, but other than that, I pay close attention to the reflow profile as there is not much material to soak heat, but otherwise as someone else mentioned, same as any other...

My 2 cents... Steve ( /

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