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SMT Production | 9 February, 2005

Has anyone taken any classes in SMT assembly that can highly recommend? We are looking for a class to send an engineer where there would be hands-on time on a printer, pick and place, oven profiling etc,,,,


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SMT Production | 9 February, 2005

American Competitiveness Institute

Work: 610-362-1200 Fax: 610-362-1290 Other:

Electronics Manufacturing Productivity Facility One International Plaza - Suite 150 Philadelphia, PA 19113

We have no relationship, nor receive benefit from the company referenced above.

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SMT Production | 9 February, 2005

I would suggest that you contact your local contract manufacturers and see if they want some "free" labour for a month or so. There may be difficulties with insurance etc - maybe your HR dept could help there. Try and find one with a few different lines and varied equipment doing at least 4 changeovers a week. There is no school that is as educational as a shop floor when the boss has green smoke coming out of his ears, spittle flying from his mouth, arms flaying and a pulse visible on the forehead. This is at lunchtime. Wait till they're told the doohickey wont go. That'll teach 'em.

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SMT Production | 10 February, 2005

I agree with Darby, apart from that the Engineer needs a Preventive Maintenance Course on the machines. In that case it is better to have training at the machine's manufacturer premises. Reason:Obvious.....Insurance!!

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SMT Production | 11 February, 2005

Calhoun Junior College in Decatur, Alabama has an associates degree in SMT - Electronics manufacturing. With a state of the art production line for classes.

Also check with Soldering Technology in Madsion, Alabama. They specialize in training.

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SMT Production | 11 February, 2005

- As Dave said American Competitiveness Institute is a good place to start with SMT process. they have Three lines geared to various manufacturing practicies. They also have a full compliment of inspection, x-ray, failure analysis, and rework.


- Check with your local SMTA. SMTA has cert programs that also deal with many aspects of manufacturing.

good luck cal

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SMT Production | 24 February, 2005

Check Universal Inst. web site they once had a smt process training class.

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SMT Production | 27 February, 2005

I think he should go to the manufacturer of the most complicated machine in your company. Example if your company has HSP, GSM, and MyDatas then he probably should look at Universal. Although having been taught on a Universal HSP he may have difficulty understanding a MyData. The Best Process School may even be your own company learning from your most experienced line people. Why dose your engineer need to know how to program or operate these machines. If I don�t know how to do these things can I come and apply for a job with your company as a CEO or president. I�m sure I can learn if you send me to school.

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