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Mydata vib feeders


Mydata vib feeders | 24 March, 2005

Dear All

We are using a my12 also tp11 with VIB feeders

we are having major problems with ics in tubes are there any machines available to convert ics up to so16 from stick to tape & reel and are the cost effective ??????

Thanks Colin

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Mydata vib feeders | 24 March, 2005

Hi Colin,

Yes there are such machines available, new prices start at around $10K. You can also have a taping house sort out your current stock & buy in taped for next time which would be far cheaper (However pack quantities will change a lot).

If you are UK based I can recommend a few companies to do this.



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Mydata vib feeders | 24 March, 2005


Yes MYDATA vibration feeders are a nightmare, but you might want to check the feeder. We had one that would vary a lot, and it never seemed to be able to be set to the right vibration level for consistent feeding. It turned out to have a problem, and the replacement unit was much better.

We also found that leaving the tubes flat, and not angling them up at the back helps. The problem with angling is you get gravity assist when the tube is full, but then nothing as it empties. So you get a variation on how much vibration you need depending on how full the tube is. Thats a real problem, and was worst for us because we had to jam 12 separate components on the same vibration feeder at the same time. The MYDATA vibration mag was designed to use sticks flat, and then you change the stick.

Also, the guys noticed if they the use the strips of cardboard you get when a stick is shipped only partially full to stop component sliding up and down in transit, and if they slide them into the backs of the tubes as the machine is running it helps the tube empty out with much less misfeeds. The cardboard helps add some back pressure to the components and keeps them feeding consistently.

But we are also moving to tape and reel, as with 12 separate tubes they empty so often, we almost cannot get through a panel without a tube running out. They are just too short!



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Mydata vib feeders | 24 March, 2005

My opertaors have lots of setup problems with vib feeders. They dont realize that the chip weight pushes parts down and when feeders run low it's the frequency that drives the parts. Mixing parts with diferant phisical deminsions and masses in the same chanel will not work well. To get enough vib to move large parts will shake the heck out of smaller parts. Another common mistake they make is to tape the ends of the tubes down to keep them from moving, and the tape will run over to the ajacent chanel causing an attinuation in both chanels. Stop blocks also overlaping 2 chanels will do the same. Some of our vibs do not have 1/16 inch clearance underneath the chanel in front. Then when thin stop blocks are used the thumb screws we use will go thru the chanel and lock onto the plate underneath. I try to train them to set up vibs only useing 10 parts to get frequencies. If frequency is correct then only an amplitude of 10 to 20 is nessary for most parts.

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Mydata vib feeders | 25 March, 2005

Also search "Tape and Reel" useing your favorite search engine. We sometimes have an outside vendor tape this stuff for us. They use generic mod tape that dose not fit properly the parts supplied to them that also causes pick problems.

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