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Light tower events



Light tower events | 7 April, 2005

I have a BTU International VIP98 reflow oven, running WINCON Version 2.00C on Windows 98. The light tower only lights green when the oven reaches temperature, and the other colours never light up. Do you know how to set the other colour lights to turn on for different events, e.g. red for an alarm, yellow for startup/ reaching temperarture etc. like on GSMs.

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Light tower events | 8 April, 2005

The light events are:

Red - Alarm - Indicates that an alarm exists.This also occurs when the emergency power stop button has been used to stop the belt and turn off heater power.

Orange - Alert - Indicates that an alert condition exists.

Green - Ready - Indicates that the furnace has reached its operating temperatures as directed by your process recipe.

The FCU board in the oven controls the alarm/light tower in this oven, switching light on and off using a ssr. One or more of these may be at fault. Silly question but have you checked the bulbs?

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Light tower events | 13 April, 2005

Hello GEB,

I had simular problem on Heller oven. Ina my case only orange light was on. I called the Rep. and after reinstall the software everything was ok. May be you should do the same.

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