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OSRAM Power TopLEDs with dome



OSRAM Power TopLEDs with dome | 2 May, 2005

Has anyone developed a custom nozzle for these guys?

I've found that there is a deposit of epoxy at the base of the lens that can sometimes cause the LED to lodge in my custom nozzles, even though my nozzles should easily accommodate the maximum dimension of this part.

Any insight or superior SMT-wisdom with which you can bless me will be greatly appreciated.

Moe Bigsley

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OSRAM Power TopLEDs with dome | 2 May, 2005

I don't know what machine type you have or what the nozzles look like but we use a standard nozzle with an I.D. of either .8 or 1.5mm. We rotate and pick up the part somewhat slowly.

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OSRAM Power TopLEDs with dome | 2 May, 2005

I agree with Russ, a standard nozzle picking up directly on top of the dome. Do not go around (or over the dome) and try and hold the part from the base.

Have you tried using a nozzle around 1.0-1.5mm in diameter and hold it from the tip of the dome? Remember to slow the Z-speed and rotation speed down so the part doesn't slip on the nozzle.

Maybe give us your manufacturer of equipment and you may get better details from other users.

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OSRAM Power TopLEDs with dome | 3 May, 2005

Thanks for the suggestions. We have been going around the dome to pick from the base. The placement machines are Panasonic chipshooters - MV2VB and MV2C. I have several problems with the MV2C. The K-type feeder plates were moved by my predecessor without having been recalibrated. The feeder locator holes are now worn to the point where the plates cannot be calibrated (we had Panasonic come in to try).

I'm in the process of justifying feeder plate replacement and calibration.

From my testing I found that if I try to pick the part on the dome, and my pick point isn't just right, the part will pick at an angle. It will then either be rejected or placed incorrectly. I was hoping to pick the base of the part to help it "self center" in the nozzle... Until I can get my feeders and feeder plates in order.

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