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Vitronics Unitherm 500

Renato Torres


Vitronics Unitherm 500 | 5 May, 2005

Hello we are having a problem with an Unitherm 500 reflow oven from Vitronics. the conveyor is not responding to the system, the speed is out of control, it seems to be alerted. Does any one know what is going on. your help is greatly appreciated. Regards

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Vitronics Unitherm 500 | 7 May, 2005

try checking the speed/conveyor driver,encoder,comunication I/O Board system and lastly the program. If the driver is at fault replaced it do not repair it. If software try to load it again but make back up.

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Vitronics Unitherm 500 | 9 May, 2005

I am not familiar with these ovens, but most I have seen have an optical emmitter reciever and a some kind of sprocket with holes to measure speed. If there is dust build up on the emmitter or reciever, this can cause the speed to increase because the oven thinks the conveyor is not moving.

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Vitronics Unitherm 500 | 13 May, 2005

The encoder is a sealed encoder located on the down stream end of the oven. Call Vitronics / Soltec for tech support. There is a calibration procedure for adjusting the belt speed to compensate for loaded and un loaded conditions. Soltec can give you more info.

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