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reports on answers to threads


reports on answers to threads | 2 May, 2000

I think it is very nice to have the feature of getting informed when someone answers to a question I put on the But (and that's a big but): If you send out an email why can't you just include all the informations you want to send in the email? We are not all On-Line all the time! When I down load my emails and then want to look through them I have to press "Cancel" about 14 times when I get to your email, because you have that many links in it. I really don't know what that's good for?!? It's terribly annoying! Erhard P.S. I am not subscribing to this thread now, know why?

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Re: reports on answers to threads | 4 May, 2000

You bring up a very good point.

From what you have described I think your email client sets up individual connections to the Internet for each item it has to download. Since the thread subscription is in html format we can put in supplementary items like images to enhance the look and feel of the email. I think if you open your connection to the Internet before reading your mail it would not repeatedly try to connect. Instead it would download in one stream.

We try to consider everyone as we implement new features but sometimes we overlook some users. We send out text only newsletters we should also give the option of text only thread subscriptions. I will be putting that on my short list and hopefully we can get that up soon. I'll send you a (text) email when it is in place.

Thank you for your input.


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