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Zevatech FM720 offline programming


Zevatech FM720 offline programming | 31 May, 2005

Hi, I'm new to this field. I'm looking for a third party software that can program the Zevatech FM720 Pick&Place machine. I know ScanCad provides service for this machine. Any knowledge to a reasonable cost software is appreciate very much.


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Zevatech FM720 offline programming | 5 June, 2005

Call your local Juki sales rep. The Zevatech machines are really relabelled Juki machines.

The Juki software is called EPU and it maintains a database of your part numbers, as well as, assigning feeder locations in optimal positions.

Also look into the other threads about CircuitCAM, GCPlace, Technomatix (used to be Unicam) and such. I do not think that these software packages will output a completed production file. Data such as Vision data and feeder locations may not be properly assigned.

It is important to note that all these thrid party software packages say they will support Juki machines (and maybe Zevatech machines), but you must clarify that you need 720 support. Most of these packages only support the newer machines. Your 720 is between 10 and 15 years old, and so third party companies may not want to invest in supporting this old epuipment.

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