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smt scrap reduction

Dr. K


smt scrap reduction | 6 June, 2005

Hello all. I would like to implement a process in our SMT site. The process purpose is to reduce the scrap level from our SMT line machine (siemens).

I would like to hear some advices for that kind of process. -preventive actions I should implement for further scrap reduction. -On line measure of scrap level, frequency, and routine. -any other thoughts....


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smt scrap reduction | 6 June, 2005

Try This.


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smt scrap reduction | 6 June, 2005

The biggest most important overall factor I have seen is the personel running and looking after the equipment. Any plan not involving them will probably not be effective. The front line people can probably tell you more than you can tell them.

I havn't worked on Siemens but I thought they had good tracking of problems and such. Although I personally wonder about machines that are too good at error reporting. I mean why did they invest so much time in it unless customers complained?

If you want to know how to dig a ditch ask a ditch digger.


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smt scrap reduction | 15 June, 2005

Siemens has an excellent reporting system. If you are running on Siplace Pro you can easily export the pick data and performance data to anaylize. If funds aren't an issue, look into the Siemens Explorer software, this will provide you with data, graphs etc. The operators should be monitoring the pick and performance data continuously throughout their shift and addressing problems if and when they arise. Component scrap can be easily reduced by proper training and by performing consistant PM's.

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smt scrap reduction | 15 June, 2005

Siemens is an excellent platform. To reduce your scrap:-

Carry out the specified maintenance, especially the segments and valve plungers; Calibrate revolver heads to benchmark. Remove the tables, smooth the magnetic strips, clean the mounting faces, replace and calibrate; Use feeder position recognition (if your s/w has it); Use ceramic nozzles for all chip parts, if not replace 904/911 weekly at a minimum; Check calibration of feeders (you need Siemens to do this); Monitor your line performance using MaDaMas (line computer) or OIS (Siplace Pro); Break down any errors by feeder/nozzle/segment/part/GF, identify problem areas, pareto and rectify. Realistic achievable pick up rates are 99.8% for S20/23/25/27 HS50/60 and 99.5% for F4/F5.

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