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pay scale


pay scale | 8 June, 2005

Hi there to all, forgive me in advance if I ask something not related to this forum. I have been doing maintanence for the last atleast 15 yrs now. My experience is been mostly with Fuji smt,MPM printers, and Universal through hole equipments. I am considered to be an expert in my job. I am just wondering if there any way I can just find out the pay scale in LA california. Thank you.

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pay scale | 8 June, 2005

When I left the industry around 12 years ago guys like you were making about $25 per hour in Silicon Valley.

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pay scale | 9 June, 2005

I work for a rather large company. what job title do I fit in? My current title is maintanence Tech. III. What do I look for, beacause maintanence is a very broad term. I do fuji Flexa programming, Fuji smt reapair troubleshooting, MPM solder print process control and along with 100 other things.

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