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Bga question??



Bga question?? | 12 June, 2005

When examining a Bga using an Ersascope, I found that all the joints where good. However I found that the first few solder balls from left to right ( vice versa ) seem higher than the middle solder balls. It appears that the body of the part is flexing upwards on these solder balls. Can anyone explain this to me ?

Thanks in advance.

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Bob R.


Bga question?? | 13 June, 2005

BGAs warp during reflow. When balls solidify they lock the device into this warped state. It's not a big deal until the warp gets severe enough that you have opens and/or shorts.

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peter ng


Bga question?? | 13 June, 2005

The placing stroke(mounting press) of the BGA may be too high.Try to reduce the value at the component data.

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