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Electrovert Vectra Variable Speed Drives.



Electrovert Vectra Variable Speed Drives. | 13 June, 2005

We got a F04 error (internal Memory fault) on the shared drive and entered 8 in location N001 as per the maint manual and cycled the power. I then set all the locations listed in the manual to thier default settings. Now the motors do not run to their set points. The wave is set at 620 but runs at 640, the conveyor is set to a dimension and it will stop adjustment when its not where its supposed to be as per the screen, not the actual dimension so I dont think its a calibration issue. The rotary wave will not work at all with a data write error. Is there perhaps some instructions missing from the manual? Its the V7 controllers, I have maintenance manual 3-9317-135-00-0, Rev 1 Page 124 and 125 cover the proceedure. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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John S


Electrovert Vectra Variable Speed Drives. | 24 June, 2005

This is a little late, so I hope you've been in contact with E-vert. We've experienced the same thing on our two vectra's. It normally happens right after a bad electrical storm. The shared drive will have to be reprogrammed. E-vert can fax you a set of instructions. It happened enough times to us, that I put a set of instructions in every technician's tool box, in the maintenance manual, and inside the machine control box. It only takes 10 minutes, but if you have to find the instructions, it takes much longer. John S

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Electrovert Vectra Variable Speed Drives. | 27 June, 2005

Thanks for the reply. I had the instructions out of the manual but after re-programming we had all kinds of wierd stuff going on. After re-setting the PC several times it worked fine. Can I get a copy of the instructions you have? It would be appreciated!!

Craig Miller Fax 614-345-9041

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