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RoHS | 13 June, 2005

Hi All,

There are IPC drafts in circulation IPC-1751, Generic Requirements for Declaration Process Management and IPC-1752, Materials Declaration Management. To me it looks like the regulations become more tolerable towards lead in solder Lead in solder would make the boards still compliant under RoHS-5 (5 substances eliminated except for lead) Lead free solder would be RoHS-6 (all six substances eliminated)

I don't want to jump to conclusions too quick but it's an indication that the good old reliable lead still has a future.

I found the info on the smartgroup website


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Jason Fullerton


RoHS | 16 June, 2005

The IPC standards have NO bearing on the state of the RoHS Directive - Europe isn't going to change the rules because the IPC has a few draft standards floating around that create a category "RoHS Compliant, except I still have lead in my solder". The RoHS Directive has NOT changed one bit - still <1000 ppm lead in any homogenous material AND none intentionally added, just like the day it was passed.

All IPC-1751 and 1752 are doing is trying to create a standard materials declaration form, so every vendor isn't filling out a different paper requrest for every customer.

Lead in solder will never be extinct, but after the middle of next year it will be the exception and not the rule.

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RoHS | 22 June, 2005


If IPC has no bearing on the state of the RoHS, I hope that one day some organization will. Here's a thread from another forum that hopefully makes the RoHS supporters re-think.

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RoHS | 22 June, 2005

All I know is that holding your breath for too long is more hazardous to you health than lead in your cell phone. :(

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