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M. Serrano


Optimizers | 23 June, 2005

Does any body know about where i can find generic optimizers? Thanks!

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Optimizers | 23 June, 2005

Optimizers for pick and place machines are very specific for the type and model of the machine you are using. A chip-shooter will run at optimal speed with the same type of nozzle and minimal table movement. Most X-Y tables have a faster X-axis than the Y-axis, which means components are placed in a meandering sequence, placing components in X direction first and than in Y direction. Optimizing software for chip-shooters are relative easy to grasp. Collect pick and place machines run at optimal speed if multiple heads can indeed pick simultaneous components and place components in closed proximity to each other. Mass placement machines like the Philips FCM require that each station get equal many components to place to operate at optimal performance. Optimizing software is difficult for multiple machines and multiple jobs. Machine vendors spend top $$$. However, some years ago there was a student on this forum collecting information on an optimizer for his master project. You may search on this forum for more info.

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