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Fuji cp6 re-reading fiducials


Fuji cp6 re-reading fiducials | 29 June, 2005

After the machine stops for any reason when restarted the z table goes to loader position comes up then goes back down and re-reads the fiducials, only one machine does this but we are losing valuable cycle time after every part change. We have Fuji Flexa software. it is a cp642 machine.

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Fuji cp6 re-reading fiducials | 30 June, 2005

it's been a while since i've worked on a CP6 but there is a sensor around the X-Y table ( near the back, it's not attached to the table, it sits just below the turret area )that tells the machine if there is a board there, i think you need to set this properly to stop this happening.

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Luke Mittur


Fuji cp6 re-reading fiducials | 8 July, 2005


When the table goes back to loading position, it checks for the avaialbility of the board. It is possible that there is a component right under the PCB confirm sensor and the sensor is not able to recognise the board, so it unclamps . Now the sensor sees the board and clamps back and continues production after re-reading the FIDs. Reposition the sensor.

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Fuji cp6 re-reading fiducials | 12 July, 2005

Hi, In the CP6 propers, there are values: PCB Check Position X, & PCB Check Position Y. These are the servo counts that the X/Y table moves to when checking if a PCB exists on the table. Your sensor does not detect a PCB, probably because when checking, either a component is on the PCB, or, at this position, the sensor maybe above a routed out section of the PCB (either condition causing it not to detect the PCB). Change these proper values so that the sensor detects the PCB at some other X/Y position. There is absolutely no need to physically move the sensor. Colin...

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Fuji cp6 re-reading fiducials | 21 July, 2005

We are using Fuji-Flexa software and we are not sure where to go in the software to check the proper data. If anyone has Fuji-Flexa software and could direct us in the right direction please let me know. Thanks.

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