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smt production | 13 July, 2005

Dear Sir,

We are manufacturing Computer Motherboards & Networking products (which are having 2 to 3 BGA Chips onboard) in our plant. we are having 2 nos of HELLER 1800W model Reflow Ovens. this model reflow oven is having 9 heating zones at both top & bottom. we have temperature profiler unit for measuring the temperature profile. while measuring the profile we are not getting the correct profile graph according to the solder paste manufacturers profile. both are not matching each other. we have tried different temperature settings & also conveyor speed. but still we are not getting correct profile. So pls give us the correct temperature settings for each zones & also conveyor speed, so that we will get the correct profile graph. pls do the needful.

Thanks & Regards, Ramesh.

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smt production | 18 July, 2005

I would suggest 1) Use the profile that is suggested with the BGA types you are using

or 2) Have you solder paste rep visit for a half day and help profile your machine. Remember if they want to keep you as a paste customer they will help.

Enjoy, Cal

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smt production | 18 July, 2005


It sounds like your a little new at profiling, and can be difficult to do well. We purchased a KIC profiler that has software that will take your profile data and tell you the best oven temperature settings and conveyer speed to use.

You need to run it a few times before it gets very good, but it made a big difference to us, and we have great profiles now.

The software has paste settings for lots of types of solder paste, so you know the process window you need to fit. You can modify the profile in you have a part that needs a tighter window, such as peak temperature as an example.

Because every board is different no one can tell you the temperatures you should use, as it changes from board to board. So you need to get a profiling solution that works correctly so you can get it right.

If your new at it, the auto profiling software for the KIC might do what you need, and make the profiling simple. Other manufacturers might have something similar, but I only know the KIC model which is what we use.

Good luck.



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