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Asymtek vs. Camalot

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Asymtek vs. Camalot | 19 July, 2005

We are trying to do a dispenser comparison study between the Asymtek Axiom X1020 with DJ9000 valve and the Camalot XyflexPro system. The system will have a dual purpose for dispensing epoxy dots and underfill. I would like to have comments positive and/or negative from those who use either of the systems.

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Asymtek vs. Camalot | 20 July, 2005

Have you taken a look at PVA, they have very good dispensing systems as well.

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Asymtek vs. Camalot | 20 July, 2005

Would you risk your equipment decision on the �opinions� of a small select group of others? I have found this to be the most incorrect way to compare machines. Reason is, you always have two camps, and most have different experiences and applications. Plus, a bonehead will have problems/complaints with both machines. If you do a professional head-to-head comparison by reading some of the massive amounts of technical papers on advanced dispensing (educate yourself) that are available and get under the hood of the two machines, test drive them and one will likely bubble to the top as a better fit for your application. Anybody�s opinion given here must be weighed to your application(s)- are they doing exactly the same thing I�m doing or going to do? Each machine may be better at certain applications than others. Camalot & Asymetk are the two leaders. They have applications labs and engineers to assist prospective customers in evaluating their machines. Why not do the reading to get an education on the process and roll-up your sleeves and do a DOE with each mfr ??

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Asymtek vs. Camalot | 21 July, 2005

Also look at second user prices & numbers of machines available - this will tell you how the industry as a whole receives them. (i.e. lots available cheaply = not good).

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